Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The First session was from Scot Davis about mobile development growth worldwide.  One key note is ONE WEB AND MANY SCREENS, that's the power of HTML5. This talk was also focused on new features of  iOS8, like AirPlay  and about AndroidL like Android Auto.

Next session was about Making Everything Smart. This session has more information about how to make invisible devices like sensors smart. From sensors you can fetch data and using your smart phone to control the sensor. 

After that there was a talk about how Ford enables mobile technology in it's upcoming vehicles. This was presented by Senior manager(APAC region) from Ford.  
      The next interesting talk was from Scot Davis regarding Essential tools Needed for Mobile Development. Responsive Web Design/Size Matters are some of the terms those are getting famous in mobile-development world. 
Browser Tools

  1. Check out
  2. Chrome Plugin: Window Resizer
  3. Remote Web Inspector(iOS8)
  4. WEINspector REmote weinre

After lunch there was a session on Rediscovering JavaScript by 
Venkat Subramaniam .

GIDS  Mobile developer summit started in Bangalore,  India for the year 2014, I am attending for third time, Crowd is more this time compared to last time. Number of sessions are lined up for next two days(9-10th October).   

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