Tuesday, June 3, 2014

dragging table rows in IE9

This post is regarding the rearranging rows in a table by doing drag and drop( my previous post Rearranging rows by Drag and Drop ). The reason it does not work in IE 9(Internet explorer version 9 ) is  because of  the browser does not support draggable attribute for tr tag. So to make the reordering work by drag and drop  is by adding and 'a' tag as the first column which basically work as an anchor to do drag the row.

As IE9 support draggable attribute on 'a' then the browser can understand and do drag the particular row.
In the help of polyphil we can detect the browser and add draggable attribute to the correct tag:

1: IE9:  a tag (<a draggable="true"></a>)
1: Other browsers(Chrome and Firefox):  tr tag(<tr draggable="true">)

Please check this fiddle to know how to check the browser version and accordingly make the required element draggable.

JSFiddle example

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